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Monster Dialog

Started by FrizzleFried, May 07, 2022, 10:33:07 AM

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A nice addition would be a line of DIALOG  for each monster.  It could be something as mundane as "ARRrrrrgh!" or full sentences for the more intelligent monsters. A line of potential dialog would be of benefit IMHO (not required of course).

Another thing I'd like to see is a DESCRIPTION field... so we can describe the monster they are confronting.

BTW... are you interested in these suggestions?  Is this mod actively in development at this point?   I'd be interested in working with you to flesh it out if you have any interest.  Of course I bring very little to the table being an ideas guy and graphics/code hack.  :D

This mod ... with a little work ... could really be expanded.  I can see basic things that would add enjoyment to this game... things like two different types of attack (Short and Long Range) for example.  Different character classes (each attack could be named differently based on the character... fighter characters fight with a sword and bow (for example) while wizard characters fight with a staff and spells.  Each could have different stats for long/short range, etc.  Same could be done with some monsters... long and short range attacks (leave it open to those adding the monsters... so some may have only long... or short,  etc).

Chen Zhen

I apologize for the late reply.

I have taken all your suggestions into consideration & this mod is still being developed.
Spring & summer are busy for me with work & sports so that's why you see most substantial updates in the fall and winter.
I do release updates less frequently during the summer when time permits.
This mod was recently updated for the allowance of uploading or deleting Battle icons via the SMF Battle admin panel.
As well as a new maintenance feature to copy old icons to the new directory path while purging the old paths.

I'm going through your suggestions right now, adding them to the pending beta list and will apply one or more of them shortly.