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Domain name change

Started by Vincent Titus, October 16, 2020, 09:45:43 AM

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Vincent Titus

Okay so I changed my domain name and now I can't access my site outside of my home network , I made the nessesery changes in settings.php , and both config files and updated the IP address and a new ssl certificate for that domain name but still can't access it outside my home network ?? What am I missing

Chen Zhen

SMF has a repair settings file available on their website.
It makes necessary database changes for url's and paths.
You need to get that file, make the changes, save the settings and then delete the repair file.

Vincent Titus

Ahhhh to late lol started all over from scratch I figure using a different domain name other then the one I agreed to the terms and condition of jv-arcade then it won't matter.. thanks Chen I'll remember this next time for sure lol


Whenever you move your site or change domains you'll need to use repair_settings.php: