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Snowflakes for SMF v1.82

Started by Chen Zhen, December 20, 2018, 11:33:08 PM

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Chen Zhen

SMF-Snowflakes v1.61 has been released.

This update mainly concerns fixing the snowstorm & lights effects.
It also adds a newer light-strands effect.

The mod includes various types of snowflakes, bats, fireworks & Xmas lights.
There are also adjustable variables for the snowflake effects.


! fixed: save selected image in Snowflakes admin

! fixed: abs() no longer supports numeric conversion in PHP 8.0.0+

! fixed: check if array is set in HTTP mobile headers function

+ added: default actions that render Snowflakes disabled
! removed: redundant/duplicate code from some files
! fixed: majority of the main scripts loaded after the DOM
! fixed: top_section/welcome container detection to hide lights during user interface

! fixed: undefined variable concerning current action

+ added: option to hide the Google Translate Toolbar
! fixed: all lights/snowflakes containers contain the notranslate class in case of Google Translate usage

! fixed: check $_REQUEST where $context action|sub-action are not available

+  added: additional native JavaScript files
!* fixed: check for JQuery prior to adding its library (SMF 2.0)
!* fixed: buffer amendments function reworked
!  fixed: uninstall process now removes all JavaScript files

! fixed: no image directory check for empty path name

! fixed: Xmas Wired Lights display none/flex for mouseover/mouseout
! fixed: Diverse & Fireworks use last child of body tag instead of #wrapper id
! fixed: missing concatenating assignment operator for $context['settings_insert_below']
! fixed: body overflowY & position properties for Fireworks
! fixed: Xmas Light Strands script for SMF 2.0

! fixed: conflict with SMF 2.0.X branch post preview template

! fixed: checking if constants are already defined

+ added: new wired lights effect
! fixed: mobile/tablet detection
! fixed: snowstorm options for SMF 2.0 branch
! fixed: explosion animation for smash lights effect

+ added: mouseenter/mouseover events for menus and search
+& added: admin options for mouseover/mouseenter events
! adjusted ion.sound to only use HTML5 audio
! fixed: onload event for various scripts that do not use JQuery (affects SMF 2.0)

+ added: one additional light smash mp3 file
! fixed: smash lights script to only play one sound per bulb smash
! fixed: smash lights script to ensure it only loads one instance

+& Added new light strands effect
+ any script requiring sound will now use the Ion.Sound 3.0.7 plug-in
+ all scripts are now compressed for stable versions
- SoundManager2 completely removed from lights script
! fixed Javascript objects for snowstorm effect
! fixed admin settings for snowstorm effect
! fixed Javascript for lights effect
! fixed Javascript node for lights effect now loaded after the buffer & using DOM
! fixed css for exploding lights
! fixed default offset height for lights effect on SMF 2.1 branch
! fixed default settings for lights effect no longer sets or disables append & admin-view options

+& added mobile detection as another disable option
+& added tablet detection as another disable option
+& License changed to: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3

+& added profile permissions to the Snowflakes admin template
+& disabling Snowflakes for actions/subactions behavior has changed (see help text in admin)
! fixed misspelled help text
! fixed member database function (missing key column for replace/insert)

+& added permission to allow membergroups profile option of enable/disable Snowflakes
! fixed profile and permission functions
! fixed SMF 2.1 profile area hook

+& added admin options to disable Snowflakes during specific SMF actions and/or subactions

+ updated included JQuery library to v3.3.1
+ added admin option to select Xmas lights container height
- removed utf-8 language files (existing language files are utf-8)
- eliminated redundant flash files
! fixed css for lights
! fixed instance of window.onload changed to eventListener
! fixed instances of (window).load(function(){...}) changed to (window).on("load, function(){...})
! lights offset now "em" instead of "px" and floating value input allowing negative to positive range: -10.99 to 10.99

Available in the download section:
Download SMF-Snowflakes

Chen Zhen

Mobile & tablet detection was introduced with the option to disable all effects for those devices in the Snowflakes admin section.

Larger smart phones (dubbed phablets) are detected as tablets therefore it might be prudent to disable for both types of devices.


The snowflakes owrk on my tablet and cell but the snowflakes are light blue. On my PC they appear to be light grey.

Chen Zhen

Even on IE & Edge they appear a bit different.
It all seems to be grey, white or light blue which is OK for snow.

There is a problem with the light bulb script.
It is causing some sort of javascript error that I have to fix.
I may replace that whole light bulb script with a more recent one.

Chen Zhen

The Javascript issue was fixed as this mod was updated to v1.6
The initial post in this thread has been updated.

Chen Zhen

This mod needs to hide the container for both sets of lights when using the top menu in SMF 2.1.
The next release will include this fix.

Chen Zhen

Version 1.7 was released with another lights option.
Unfortunately after changing the lights smash script I noticed it conflicts with the EhPortal shoutbox.
I will fix this on the next release.