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Malwarebytes issue!

Started by NekoJonez, May 15, 2014, 05:10:48 AM

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This website got blocked by MalwareBytes D:

Chen Zhen

Oh is that so? I wonder what the reason could be? There is nothing on this site that is intrusive.
Perhaps the advertisement the free host puts up sometimes or maybe the email server is not configured correctly.
I will have to run some tests to see if something is awry.

Thanks for the report.

Chen Zhen

I did a multi RBL check which came up negative. Perhaps some other site that shares the IP is doing something malicious?
No matter as I am currently negotiating with someone else regarding another VPS host. Which means I will not longer be using this host's services although I might leave in a redirect since I will be changing the url again (slightly).

Chen Zhen

This does not apply to this site at all as we have moved to a VPS account using unique IP's.
The report must have had something to do with the free host we were previously using whereas 1 IP applies to many possible websites that they host.