SMF Arcade Changelog

Changes go downward.  Please scroll to the bottom for a legend.
Changelog started February 25, 2007.

SMF Arcade 2.56.12

February 07, 2019
+& Added PHPBB-HTML5 support (only one of their save types is currently supported)
+& Added messages for when board and/or user exists in "Arcade Advanced" admin
+& Changed rar download to true rar compression ( requires Unix RAR or Windows WinRAR on OS for usage: )
+ Added beta tester acknowledgment during installation
+ Added opted game type to list titles
+ Added uninstall option to game edit template
+ Added config file during installation (this will rewrite any previous config file)
+ Default thumbnail used for games if one is not available from its archive
! Maintenance config file has updated syntax
! Fixed "Default" category icon in database
! Fixed download game creating duplicate php config files
! Fixed game installer concerning images, compressed files, etc.
! Fixed/changed default list settings for SMF nav bar link/button
! Fixed installer to read/use swf flash dimensions when available
! Fixed arcade buttons/navigation to use SMF default buttons but added custom Javascript for select menus
! Fixed Javascript for highscore sub-routine due to IE11 / MSEdge behavior
! Fixed language variable for Arcade Online to use Arcade specific language string (branch string mismatch) ~ $txt['who_show1'] is now $txt['arcade_who_show']
! Fixed edit games template concerning help textarea
! Fixed HTML5 games template to hide overflow when cursor is focused on game container (for arrow key control)
! Fixed IBP-HTML5 games when they use IBP type scoring
! Fixed improper game name with some install scenarios

SMF Arcade 2.56.11

November 15, 2018
+& Added new maintenance feature to adjust game files & game icons to lowercase
+& Added new maintenance feature to adjust database where game files/directories do not exist
+& Added new button to view specific game type in list (user preference is recorded in the db)
+& Added admin option & permission for game type option
+& Added latest no category option for Defiant & Enterprise templates
+& Changed default "Latest" category in Defiant template to two options: Unassigned / All
+& Changed default "Unassigned" category in Enterprise template to two options: Unassigned / All
+& Added fullscreen mode to popups (buttons are within the popups)
+ Added arcade copyright to popups
+ Added download_icon.png to arc_icons folder
+ Added admin subtext regarding HTML5 upload script not working when mod_security is detected
+ Changed css for game title in retro list
+ Changed main arcade link now resets all game list parameters
& Error messages regarding "No files selected" now numbered for error tracking purposes
! Adjusted HTML52 save type to allow for Origon variant
! Fixed HTML5 & HTML52 save types to not rely on jQuery Ajax post
! Fixed HTML52 php file creation for game download
! Fixed game installer for mismatched archive names (when php or xml file is included)
! Fixed archive type selection
! Fixed arcade online page selection links
! Fixed file name/game name mismatch when xml or php configuration file is included
! Fixed guests saving score if permission is enabled
! Fixed character decoding for description/help display during game editing
! Fixed db ~ multiple arcade varchar column lengths now (255)
! Fixed incorrect table column name for arcade_members.archive_type
! Fixed incorrect value for latest games in defiant skin/template (now shows # games not in a category)
! Fixed "Back" button on X-Frame admin template
! Fixed Arcade profile options
! Fixed missing download icon/link in retro list
! Fixed game popups where game container was cut-off
! Fixed game popups for full forum background (modern browsers)
! Fixed game installations concerning mixed save types
! Fixed playing html game type mismatch defaults to v1game (it will auto adjust if admin option is enabled)
! Fixed game search function for multiple/partial names
! Fixed game search to honor group permission per game
! Fixed notifications to support mb characters in user names (converted to decimal entities)
! Fixed minor javascript issue when saving score
! Fixed javascript default function parameters for IE11
! Fixed popups for IE11
! Fixed HTMLv2 popup not saving scores
- Fixed asc/desc list order stored in session variable
!*& Duplicate games amongst multiple installations now flagged within install list without abort error

SMF Arcade 2.56.10

August 15, 2018
! Adjusted HTML5 save type allowable session length to reflect DB session lifetime else 48 minutes max
! Timestamp cheat check changed to 10 second interval
! Fixed possible undefined error where no download save type was set (defaults to tar or tar.gz)
&& Changed language string in Arena/Match creation template ("Games Selected")

SMF Arcade 2.56.09

August 5, 2018
! decompression of rar archives is now dependent on the php-pecl-rar package (rar compression is not)

SMF Arcade 2.56.08

August 3, 2018
! Fixed game installer concerning master-info.xml
! Fixed maintenance for removing game folders not in use

SMF Arcade 2.56.07

August 2, 2018
! Fixed game installer concerning gamepacks
! Fixed duplicate game names in same package now increment file names (up to 5 times else deleted)
! Adjusted css for Enterprise output (also works for EhPortal 1.22+ mobile)

SMF Arcade 2.56.06

July 28, 2018
+ Added individual game scores API (50 hiscores per game)
+ Added rar archive support (upload & download)
+ Added options for allowing users to select archive type
! Fixed possible deletion of Games path when all games are uninstalled/deleted
! Fixed install/uninstall for Phpbb v3Arcade save type
! Fixed v3Arcade score support
! Fixed profile | games per page * base four
! Fixed disallowing saving score for scores less than 1 on regular score type games
& Error message added for games not allowing scores less than 1

SMF Arcade 2.56.05

July 10, 2018
+ Added PHP-Quick-Arcade HTML5 game support
! Fixed spaces in file names for game installer
! Fixed missing ibp3.2 save type info in games list
! Added missing sort_up, sort_down & Default gif images to arc_icons folder
! SQL queries ~ online_time cast as signed in Arcade.php
! Now using suppress for fopen/fclose in SWFReader.php (error message does not log specific game causing errors)
! Changed all window.onload instances to window.addEventListener/window.attachEvent
! Game installer no longer relies on game file name to designate internal name
! Added custom arcade_up_contain css class
! Fixed export xml game info (now displayed within readonly textarea)

SMF Arcade 2.56.04

June 2018
! Fixed game download sub-routines
! Fixed game upload folder names for tar.gz files
! fixed "plays" in arcade list for all game types, regular play & popups

SMF Arcade 2.56.03

April 2018
+ Added admin options to enable/disable debug logging for score type and/or score loop
& New language strings added for debugging
! Fixed TarClass archive typo causing error for downloads
! Adjusted GROUP_BY clauses due to ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode enabled by default in MySQL
! Fixed missing language variable for uploading category icons
! Fixed HTML5 upload css
! Fixed Arcade Online
! Fixed posting new games for SMF 2.1
! Fixed missing pdl_clean.gif icon

SMF Arcade 2.55

December 2017
+ Added Defiant theme (E-Arcade clone)
& Language added for Defiant theme
+ Three list types now available
& Language added for list types
+ Added additional filtering of directory structure concerning game deletions
+ Added specific user settings for PM and/or EMail notifications
+ Added option to send notification Emails/PMs in bulk
+ Links from emails while not logged in triggers login prompt that redirects to arcade action/sa
! Fixed PM, EMail & Arena/Match notifications
& New language strings added for PM/Email changes
+ Main language files loaded with pre_load hook
+ Changed subroutines for arcade online data in arcade info centre
+ Display amount of guests & users in the arcade
+ Added detailed Arcade online list with setting and permissions
& New language strings added for arcade online (admin & user)
+ New maintenance option to manually purge online log
+ New maintenance option to manually purge Arcade download directory
+ New maintenance option to remove outstanding compressed game archives
+ New maintenance option to purge unused arcade icons from the arc_icons directory (deletes files not currently used by the arcade)
+ Completed maintenance task now shows complete & fades out
* Eliminated/changed deprecated css in templates
* Various aesthetic template fixes for light/dark themes
! Fixed typing enter after save comment
! Fixed profile area to show users top 10 - 1st, 2nd & 3rd high score placements
& New strings for profile changes
! Fixed SMF 2.1 installation for profile area hook changes
! Fixed guest permissions for games with no opted category
+ Added custom php/xml file generation for game downloads
+ Added additional custom install data as xml file(s) (visit WebDev for support)
+ Added zip|tar|tar.gz archive option for downloads (if zipArchive is not available then zip option is omitted)
! Fixed/changed download subroutine (+ one file removed)
! Fixed .tar.gz decompression for installing games
! Fixed database installation subroutine to conform to SMF standard
! Fixed database routines in reports source file
! Fixed deletion of unique game directories when games are uninstalled
! Fixed installation issue for when E-Arcade was previously installed
+ Uninstalling games now deletes game topics if applicable
* Icons are now solely stored in the default theme images directory
* Icons stored directly in the images directory are now located in the images/arc_icons directory
+ Option to upload image files for categories (jpg, gif, png ~ auto resizing to selected default dimensions)
& New language for all icon related changes
* Removed arcade_settings table & added arcade_members table (improved format & more settings)
+ Options for users to select skin & list
+ Permissions added for the above options
+ Guest score names are validated for numbers + letters only
! Fixed IE/MS-Edge score comments
+ Added fullscreen/normal mode for games
+ Added HTML5/JS game support (requires unique save parameters to be added to games)
- utf8 language files removed (standard language files are already UTF-8)
+ Arena template changed/updated
! Guest names fixed for score notifications
+ Tested and edited for PHP 7.1 compatability
* PHP 5.5 is now the minimal version
! Fixed game install subroutine (multiple uploads, directory allocation, game data, etc.)
+ Updated swfobject.js to v2.3.20130521
! Game popups fixed for SMF 2.1
+ New HTML5 upload script & template (supports large files @ 1MB/chunk minimum)
! Replaced all create_function instances with anonymous functions
! Fixed return_bytes function to use float
! Fixed memory allocation for installing games
! Decompression of zip archives now use the SMF default due to possible PECL/PEAR modules not being available
+ Version reference updated in all files to reflect official release (v2.55)
* Adjusted sub-routines for news regarding version information in Arcade & js source file
+ Display game type option for Vintage List when downloading is enabled
+ Added options to create X-Frame configuration file
! Auto save type routine edited to close second game save window via javascript
& New language string added for auto save
+ Added purge Games directory of unused game folders (paths not within any game from the database)
& New language strings added for purge Games directory
+ Loop patch added for HTML5 score type saving

SMF Arcade 2.5 RC4

October 2015
+ SMF 2.0.X branch support
+ SMF 2.1.X branch support
+ Added option to select E-Arcade skin
+ Added category maintenance options
+ Arcade list type available for all templates
+ Added option to view/hide information center
+ Default list now uses horizontal button navigation
+ Added additional list display options
! Removed PDL custom template
! File permission issue for some host configuration fixed
! Updated license & its hyperlinks
! Adjusted css for arcade info center
! Fixed arcade & game container upshrink
! Opting to view a report from the list now shows its specific game report
! Sanitized code including the removal of Heredoc syntax from the Jeza template
! Fixed "new" category
! Fixed behavior of sorting options

SMF Arcade 2.5 RC3

March 2015
+ Project taken over by Chen Zhen @
+ SMF 2.0.10 Support
+ PDL/Skin combo included within installation
+ Games with no type data should now auto configure

SMF Arcade 2.5 RC2

April 2010 - October 2011
+ SMF 2.0.1 Support
! Show Admin menu for users that have arcade_admin permission [Issue #431]
! If there was more scores than score limit saved, no new scores would be saved

SMF Arcade 2.5 RC1 Public

November 2009
+ Support for submit system settings
! Some v3 games requires gamedata directory in games diretory [Issue #294]

SMF Arcade 2.5 RC1

June 2009 - October 2009
+ Started support for curve theme
+ Don't show submit systems that aren't installed
! Uninstaller did uninstall wrong games [Issue #276]
! Link to settings in emails was incorrect [Issue #268]
! IBP v2 xml_play didn't return true causing plays not increase [Issue #185]
+ Improved longest current champions query [Issue #165]
! Fixed custom games (such as Minesweeper) not working
! Cleaned up language files
! Linktree missing some pages [Issue #264]

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 6

March 2009 - June 2009
! Unable to uninstall games
! Added back support for filtering games in new games list [Issue #171]
+ Show status on Arena match page
! Play link didn't redirect to match page when user had played already
+ Ability to change category of multiple games at the same time [Issue #205]
! Details of old champion wasn't replaced in sent emails [Issue #238]
! Edit games broken by ability to change category [Issue #240]
! Use session_var instead of "sesc"
! Don't include non-arena games in Arena dropdown [Issue #237]
+ Updated for SMF 2.0 RC1-1 (package-info.xml)
+ Log removed scores [Issue #106]
+ Improved installer code

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 5

December 2008 - March 2009
! Scoring wasn't read from game-info due to wrong variable used
! Ensure that ManageGames has games selected before queries, give error if not
+ Added Arcade to core features
! Don't show Arcade section on admin when disabled
! Unable to extract gamepacks [Issue #229]
! Upload should redirect to install games list [Issue #230]
+ Try to delete gamedata folder when uninstalling [Issue #227]
! Game suggest doesn't work with permissions enabled [Issue #203]
! Links for other pages was wrong when browsing with category [Issue #204]
! updateCategoryStats didn't update categories with no games
! Sorting games on admin didn't work [Issue #208]
& Fixes to ArcadeEmail language
+ Use Generic List for Manage Games
- Don't include downloadable games to game cache
+ Split Manage Games to edit and install sections
! Games were marked as installed even when install failed
+ Recoded updateGameCache
+ Improved database upgrade, it will make sure most things are correct
! SMF 2.0 Beta 4 no longer supported

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 3 Public

December 2008
! Admin settings search linked to wrong place
+ Ability to filter games disabled games [Issue #171]
! Editing disabled games wasn't possible

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 3

November 2008 - December 2008
+ Added descriptions for some pages
! Edit category didn't work [Issue #164]
+ Improved comment editing [Issue #168]
+ Added phpBB activity games support back [Issue #92]
! Games were detected some times to have missing files when it's not case
! Add Game didn't work on new match without javascript or in case of there are problem with suggester
! Ability to remove players without javascript
! Ability to delete rounds without javascript
! Try to get more memory for game cache update
! Unable to save settings [Issue #161]

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 2.2 Public

November 2008
+ Improved errors when score submit failed

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 2.1

November 2008
+ Notifications are send as emails instead of PMs

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 2

September 2008
! Removed some unused code for SMF 1.1 support
! Fixed uninstalling games deltree
+ Updated to SMF 2.0 RC1
! Some fixes for SQLite
+ Updated latest version check to use
+ Reworked submit system code
+ Log some actions
* Moved Profile templates to ArcadeProfile.template.php
! Unable to edit Arcade Settings / View Stats if Arena disabled [SMF 2.0 RC1]
+ Add Games when creating Match
! Ability to add players without javascript when creating matches

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 1.1

September 2008
! Fixed users statistics page
! Adding members when creating match didn't work [Issue #78]
! Fixed some arena issues [Issue #79, Issue #80]
! Saving Advanced Settings broke extra_data [Issue #83]
! Fix for Issue #89
! Fixes to maintenance
! Fixed Post based permissions doesn't work [Issue #90]
! Fixes to updateGameCache function

SMF Arcade 2.5 Beta 1

March 2007 - August 2008
! Fix to installer
! Fixes to Profile Statistics
! Installer didn't work (Issue #45)
! Fixed Database error when updating Game Cache in certain cases
! Packed games were not shown on Installable filter
! Unable to unpack games
! XSS/Javascript injection on tags fixed
! Invalid redirect after playing in Arena
! Match in Arena wouldn't start if last player joins Match.
+ Hide Thank you for playing after adding comment
! Fixed commenting scores
! Page index didn't work with favorites
+ Highscore maintenance
+ Support for v3Arcade games
! Some submit systems not returning 'extra' data
+ Rename eeks arcades tables
! Unable to edit Advanced Settings of games
! Fixed v3Arcade support
! Don't send new champion notice if beating own score
! Matches getting canceled if admin leaving
! No link or invalid link for champion
+ Ability to join and leave match
+ General function to install games
! Simplified game installing a bit
+ Ability to change games and scores per page per user
! Updated headers with functions
- Removed permission for rating & favorites
! Fixed unclosed tag on installer
! Fixes to game installer/uninstaller
+ Ability to disable auto update of GameCache
! Some session checks missing
+ Events system, can choose when to recieve notification
! XSS in match name
! Don't allow match name to be just spaces
+ Create default category for games
! Missing database values to insert
+ Use suggest control for Arena player select
! Removed latest news box, moved version information
! Removed SMF 1.1 Support
! After uninstalling game without deleting files game had wrong status
! Don't send invite to itself when making match in Arena
+ Continued Arena-code
! Games without category can be seen by anyone if category permission enabled
! Simplified some code
+ Ability to reorder categories
! Some files were not removed
+ Move gamedata directories of possible
! Fixes for SMF 2.0 Beta 2 update
+ Support for custom games (php)
+ Minesweeper game
! Fixed changing category
! Help text wasn't shown when editing
! Category editor didn't show all groups
! Fixed Guest playing
! Fixed permissions edits (install-de.xml, language.xml, Modifications.English.php)
! Fixed uninstalling games
! Fixed installing didn't save some data
+ Updated to SMF 2.0 Beta 2
+ Select players to be Invited
! (SMF 1.1) Don't show Challenge when there's no permission to create match or arena is disabled
+ Added permission for Arcade Settings and Link to profile to edit settings
+ Added tabs for filtering games by status
+ (SMF 2.0) Search from Settings
! Fixed ManagePermission edit
! Unable to edit permissions of game even if enabled
+ Popup for selecting game for Arena matches
! Fixed database error when no players selected for match
+ Don't show groups that cannot access Arcade for per game permissions
+ Arena can be disabled
+ Profile edits for SMF 1.1.x added
! Subject wasn't escaped when sending new champion PM
+ Hashing for v2 games (Other/
* Template for creating new match (ArcadeArena.template.php)
! Fixed edits for ManagePermissions.php
+ Edit Game (rewritten)
! Database results was not freed on some places
+ Game list on admin paged and can be filtered by status
+ Possibilty to move each game to own directory on install
! Post from last day calculated wrongly
! Code cleanup, bug fixes (didn't remember to add to changelog)
! Subs-Game.php merged back to, Subs-Arcade.php
! Subs-ArcadeAdmin.php contains now admin functions
! Possible to use loadArcade even if arcade is disabled
+ Basic info center to Arcade list
+ Install shows errors if installing game failed
+ Updated package info for 1.1.4
! Code cleanup, bug fixes (didn't remember to add to changelog)
! Some code cleaned on ManageGames.php
! Fixes to game installer
! Javascript fixed
! More fixes to game installer
! Missing $scripturl on call to constructPageIndex
! Users were unable to play games (ArcadeLegacy.php)
! Index renaming caused errors, if column in index was renamed
! Fixed install.xml
+ Added xml-stylesheets from Daniel15
+ Admin Arcade gives permissions to play all games
! In some cases users could play games which are not enabled
+ GamesFilesList function to get list of all games from Games directory
+ and several helper (is_game, readgameinfo)
+ Basic game listing to ManageGames
+ New table added to database (arcade_game_info)
! Fix for older PHP versions
! Fixed install for 1.1.x
- Removed getID3
+ Own SWF Reader (swfinfo -class)
+ Game files are now cached to database
+ Added arcade_files table to installer
& New strings for actions on manage games list
* New manage game list template
! Manage Game list shows games which are installed but main file missing
+ Security fix
+ Better cheater blocking
+ Play functions for IBPv2, v3, SMF v2
+ SMF v2 submit rewritten
+ IBP v2, v3 rewritten
+ IBP v32 Support
! Fixed score save for guests
! Error on highscore page for non admins when category permission enabled
! Bug fix on ArcadeXMLOutput (default value for second parameter)
- Removed ArcadeGameInfo, BuildGameArray
+ loadGame, GetGameInfo
+ Subs-Game.php for Game functions
! Two undefined indexes
! Optimized PostPermissionCheck
+ Admin may force post permission check by adding ;pcheck to url
! Scores table was not updated if beating chapmion own chapmion score
+ XML Output function
* Removed XML Functions from template
! Fixed typo in changelog ;)
& Internal error string added
! Cleaned up query code (ArcadeList.php)
! Two database errors fixed (ArcadeList.php)
! Changed rest XML template usages to use XML Output
+ Message and Errors support in XML
! Javascript bugs
! Quick search fixed
+ SWF Object updated to 1.5
! Moved Tests under other directory
+ Some changes to javascript
! Personal best was replaced by lower score (Subs-Arcade.php)
+ "Have you tried these?" (ArcadePlay.php, Subs-Arcade.php)
! Wrong score for champion (ArcadeList.php)
! ArcadePlay renamed to ArcadeGame
+ Submit system rewriting started
+ SMF legacy rewritten (no IPBv2/v3)
+ Changelog finally started
! Page index on scores page showed only one page
! Databse error when new personal best score
! Build.php caused error on build (same variable name)
+ Post per day -> Post in last 24 hours and added Average posts
+ Caching of post per day data
! If met post per day requirement, you could play even if you had no permission
(possibly, not tested)
+ Game editor should no longer show per game permission if it's not enabled
! arcadePostsPerDay changed to arcadePostLastDay
! two undefined indexes

! Minor change or bugfix. (don't bother to log typos except between releases.)
* Change like above, but affects templates.
& Change that affects a language file. (make two if it affects templates too.)
+ Feature addition or improvement.
- Feature or option removal.[/float]