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SMF Arcade [Stable] Released

Started by Chen Zhen, July 09, 2023, 11:20:30 AM

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Chen Zhen

SMF Arcade is now available in the download section.

This version includes updates and bug fixes.

The download link is here:

The changelog can be seen here:

Thanks to all that help contribute by beta testing, reporting issues/errors in the forum and for giving suggestions regarding its development.

We hope you & your users will enjoy the updated SMF gaming platform.

Please report any bugs or issues in this section of the forum.

Chen Zhen

This version includes an important bug fix for installing multiple games.

+*& Added: Option to select default games list sorting
+*& Added: Option to disable Arcade JavaScript/CSS file caching
+*& Added: Override option to disable game downloads per category
+*& Added: Override option to enable JS file insertion per category
!   Fixed: Possible PHP syntax error while installing multiple games

Chen Zhen

For anyone having trouble with Ruffle just go to the Arcade maintenance and click on the Github ruffle installation.
This will install the proper files so that AS1 & AS2 games will work for your arcade.

Another release is pending that will do this automatically during install but also with some other fixes.


I just discovered the mod and it's amazing thank you very much for the work