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Beta testing Zhen Mailer

Started by Chen Zhen, March 27, 2018, 09:47:55 PM

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Ok. we'll get busy on this one of these days soon then. I probably will need your help so thanks in advance for that. I'd like to learn all I can about server but am pretty nervous when it comes to that sort of thing.

Chen Zhen

Just make a backup of your db, files & control panel setup (apache, bind, etc) prior to making changes.
Installing a new PHP version isn't too bad because your CP should give you the option of switching between versions.
If you opt FCGI as opposed to mod_php it will allow you to opt different php versions for different forum installations.
That way for testing you can add a sub-domain using PHP 7.2 to see if you might decide to switch your current installation to it.

I started out with PHP 7.2 on the current server because I am comfortable enough with Unix, Apache, Mysql, PHP, etc. to fix/patch anything.
The code I gave you for install should include fcgi as it is what I used accept 5 extra at the end because I ended up adding those afterward. 


Bigguy, if you need help with WHM let me know. I've run a few servers with it and currently have a dedi with several vps' on it. For the CLI (command line stuff) I suggest using MobaXterm. Not only can use use SSH but can do a lot of other thing with it as well as accessing you own PC. It's way better than putty.


To add the classes (modules) for PHP, apache, or Ruby...go ot Home -> Software -> EasyApache4. Then click "Customize" on "Currently Installed Packages". You can then enable/disable what you need. When you are done you can save it as a profile and download it in case something happens and you need to start over.

I also have a ton of great links to help secure your server, etc. You can always PM or email me. If you use skype PM me for my details cause I'm always on it. I'm no guru but do know a few things and will be glad to help! :)


Thanks to both of you and I will probably take you up on your offers for help and all that. I have found easyapache and installed pspell that way. I never made a profile about it just installed it by flipping a switch and that was it. I have had my site I am running now running on most of the php versions cause I did find where to switch what version of php a site is using. Right now I am using php 7.0 on the server. I tried everything from php 5.5 and up, lol. I was just playin around. Making a mistake on a server does make me nervous though like I said. I don't wanna screw something up and there is a lot in there I don't understand.


Set your backups for daily backups and you always restore from yesterday, at least. Unless you wish to make a backup on the fly. You will make mistakes but you will learn from them.

If you have not installed it yet, I suggest you install this for added security:


After it is installed you can go to Plugins to find it. Go to "Check Server Security" and go through the checks to secure your server.


Good piece of advice that is for backups. I might go play now for a bit....well I will finish helpin a friend with the arcade first then I will go play. :)


You know where to find me if you need help. LOL

Chen Zhen

Remember that CP backups are on the same drive as your OS.
If that drive gets fried so does all your backups.
Image backups of your entire OS that get put on another of your host's drives usually cost more $$.
Check your host options to see what I am referring to.

This is the point of my new mod.
Backups go to ie. Google and can be encrypted for added security (<- using PHP 7.2+).


That sounds sweet for sure. :)