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PM's in battle

Started by TeamPD, August 25, 2022, 10:25:20 AM

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Hello Chen Zhen,

I have another question according to the battle. I know there is the option for member individually to turn on to get PMs while getting attacked or anything else that happens, now was my question: Is it possible for us to turn on getting PM's for attacks and anything that happens standard, so not every member has to go into their settings to do it?

Kind regards,

Chen Zhen

For the current version there isn't an option to auto set that for all users.
The general practice is to set notifications to disabled & let the member/user decide if they want to be notified.

I can chalk it in as a maintenance option for the next version.



Thank you for the quick reply.

We got some feedback with the members asking if it could be turned on already, so they were notified of an attack on them. Apparantly they tend to play first, then read after. So we're very happy you are willing to put out the option out there later on.

Again thank you so much for the quick reply.

Kind Regards,

Chen Zhen

Actually I've come up with something else that is not so bothersome for forum members & should fall in line with EU online policies.

Changes will be as follows:

- admin option to enable/disable notification
- notification only appears once when accessing Battle for that member if/when not already enabled
- simple question with Yes/No that redirects to their Battle profile when they select "Yes"



Is that going to be a new added feature as an update, or do we have to somehow write that into the code ourselves?

Thanks again for the quick reply and the thinking with us.

Chen Zhen

It will be added to the mod by me as part of the development process.