E-Arcade to SMF Arcade conversion tool

Started by Chen Zhen, July 06, 2013, 01:44:52 PM

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Chen Zhen

SMF 1.1.11   -  OR  -   SMF 2.0 RC3 installation package:

E-Arcade 2.5.9  -  TO  -  SMF Arcade Conversion


E-Arcade Beta4  -  TO  -  SMF Arcade 2.5Rc1 Conversion

This is a tool designed for renaming E-Arcade to SMF Arcade database tables/columns.


- Make sure to backup your database prior to using this tool

- Make sure BOTH arcades are uninstalled in your Admin / Packages menu

- Install and apply this tool to commence the database changes

- Uninstall/Delete this tool from your Admin / Packages list

- Delete E-Arcade from your Admin / Packages list

- Install SMF Arcade from your Admin / Packages list

- Do not run this install package ever again.

***** WARNING *****

Current SMF Arcade users beware - this tool may delete your current db entries if you try to use it.

This tool has but only 1 purpose and that is to convert from E-Arcade  - TO -  SMF Arcade

The change-over is not reversable. Once you commence the process, you can not revert back to E-Arcade.
(Unless you restore the database backup from the first step)

Only download, install and continue with this installation if you have read and understand the purpose of this tool.
The author of this tool is not responsible for any data loss due to improper use.

Many thanks to the SMF Arcade Beta Testers for helping me test this application.


    * Transfers user data such as scores (with comments), favorites, categories and ratings
    * Transfers game data such as save-types, dimensions, background color, descriptions and help text
    * DOES NOT transfer tournaments or any tournament information, therefore these must start anew.
    * The process is not reversible and converting to SMF Arcade is permanent.
       (Unless you restore the database backup from the first step)

The package is attached.


Will this work for the current version of SMFarcade? I'm trying to help someone who's site is using E-Arcade Beta4-SMF2 and having problems so I'd like to switch them to the current version of smfarcade.

Chen Zhen

February 17, 2017, 02:53:21 PM #2 Last Edit: February 17, 2017, 02:58:25 PM by Chen Zhen
Yes it should work.
Unless that is the latest version from SMF that someone took over then I am not sure as to what changes were made.
This tool will convert the necessary tables to what SMF Arcade uses.
The newer version of the SMF Arcade that I released has an auto-adjust score type sub-routine that should fix score types for their games.
This is because E-Arcade did not save the score type to the database unlike SMF Arcade.
Also if I remember correctly it attempts to create unique game folders for each game because E-Arcade was not designed to do so.
Imo just in case something goes awry it might be best to copy all arcade related directories to their local hdd via ie. Filezilla prior to using the tool.
It may require each game to attempt to save a score once prior to its auto adjustment of a score.

Let me know if the person has issues.
Worse case scenario if things get really botched is to start with all scores anew.
It won't delete their games or anything like that.


Chen Zhen

I forgot to mention that the auto adjustment of save types is optional.
They must enable it in:
 Admin -> Arcade -> Advanced -> Auto Adjust Improper Save Types


Oh yeah, I was looking at that a few days ago for someone else on their site.

Chen Zhen

Let me know if everything worked as expected.