Spam Blocker Errors

Started by Skhilled, March 08, 2019, 07:14:28 am

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Been getting the following errors in my log lately:

Code Select
Spam Blocker - SFS connection failure [IP/Email]

I've left them in the error log so you can see for yourself, in needed.

Chen Zhen

This happens when it fails to connect to the stop forum spam website.
Check your admin page to see if it says the p/w is valid for SFS.
If it says it is then it is connecting but I think it might not be.

Sometimes the issue is on their end.
Unless they recently changed something.

Chen Zhen

At the moment it says it is a valid key meaning it seems to be connecting.
Are you still having this issue or has it resolved on its own?


It happened just a couple more times after that but not since.