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Pop up music window

Started by Fog, August 23, 2013, 10:48:07 PM

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One of our members asked if I could create a pop music window that could just play one song and quit.

Our idea is when you Click on too our NFL Tailgating 2013 Tread, is you hear a football theme such as the MNF song and various others.

Chen Zhen

  The premimbeat mod can do that for you... it sounds like you would need to configure a php block to be triggered by a certain url. ie. if this is using SP pages you simply include some data in the url to tell it to play a certain song. This way it could work for different pages and play a different song/mp3 for each. Yes the player can play 1 song in a popup and quit or you can make it just in the block but hidden... the setup for it is fairly flexible.


Can I host the MP3 on a different DB and create the same pop up?

Quoteusing SP pages

You're a wise man...

I know how to do that....

Chen Zhen

Yes.. the mp3 can come from any URL... internal or external.