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[SMF] Spam Blocker public beta packages

Started by Chen Zhen, September 06, 2013, 11:55:19 PM

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Chen Zhen


- add option to check database (members table) & cross check ip's/emails with 3rd party databases... ban if reports exist
- create options to transfer other popular smf anti-spam blacklist entries to spam blocker's blacklist and smf ban table
- add option in check ip/email template to ban entitiy that is being checked (& fails)

  This is necessary due to people switching to this mod when their database contains many unwanted spam users that registered prior to installing Spam Blocker. The routine can check 500 at a time and keep track of the last user id it checked since those increment. An admin simply keeps clicking a check users link until the current database of members has been checked as a whole. Other mods use things like their own blacklist and/or .htaccess files whereas spam blocker is not able to use those resources to update its tables.
  Some tools can also be developed to transfer IP's and/or emails of spammers to Spam Blockers blacklist and the SMF ban db table from the most popular existing smf anti-spam mods.